WestTech Venture’s Incubator

Project Flying Elephant supports as incubator teams and founders in their founding stage and early development phases.

The entrepreneurs can benefit from angel investment as well as from many additional essentiell services such as software, IT infrastructure and law. Especially the teams can learn from our experienced team through personal mentorings.

Deep Tech and Media Force

We are seeking pioneers in the field of DEEP TECH and MEDIA FORCE who want to reinvent the market with innovative and ground-breaking ideas. We offer angel investment as well as mentoring and support from experts in various fields.

Our Vision

“We want to make elephants fly!” – and take founders to the next level. We fully believe in new and creative concepts and the minds behind them. We want to give them the chance to change their industry. We want to make their voices heard.

Our Principles

Team - Fit

Team - Fit

Only a team of individuals that complement and support each other can go above and beyond

Product - Fit

Product - Fit

A convincing product is the foundation to success.

Market - Fit

Market - Fit

Products are only as good as their users.

Our team

Masoud Kamali

Masoud Kamali

Masoud Kamali is CEO and Founder of WestTech Ventures as well as Founder of S&S Media Group. An international entrepreneur by heart who has built the media group from scratch since 1995.


Henriette Freese

Henriette Freese is Team Assistant at Project Flying Elephant and WestTech Ventures. After her studies in Business Administration and Communication in Berlin and Seoul she worked for S&S Media for several years where she gained a practical experience in administration, accounting, organisation and law.

Alexander Kölpin

Alexander Kölpin

Alexander Kölpin is COO and Partner at WestTech Ventures. He is a passionate networker who has gathered more than ten years of experience in the internet and IT sector, co-founded the Berlin Web Week as well as the German Startups Group.


Catharina Textor

Catharina Textor is PR & Communications Manager at Project Flying Elephant as well as WestTech Ventures. During and after her management studies she gathered several years of experience in public relations for startup companies and big brands.

Fabian Leipelt

Fabian Leipelt

Fabian Leipelt is Program Manager at Project Flying Elephant as well as Business Analyst at WestTech. He graduated from the University of Leipzig and gathered experience working for Groupon in Germany and Australia.



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