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Software development never changes. It only upgrades. But what if we could rethink the way we create software? What if there was a way to reform data storage, development, building and testing processes into a series of open-source building blocks? At Project Flying Elephant, our mission is think beyond the next generation of programming. To stop upgrading and start reinventing. To start a cloud-based revolution on all devices. Yes, we want to help you to reinvent the wheel.

Productivity by design

Because once software evolution makes a giant leap forward, there won’t be any more upgrades. Just pure productivity and flawless performance.

Security by design

Because to build an impenetrable fortress, you need good architecture. You need a system that is unbreakable und unbeatable from day one.

Privacy by design

Because when users want their personal data to be collected, they should ask for it. To change our 'privacy settings', we need to change the way we program.

Join Project Flying Elephant

Project Flying Elephant is a deep tech incubator by WestTech Ventures.

We love tech and software development. 

We support teams in very early stages of their projects and the start of their companies. We are looking for strong tech teams who want to reinvent software with focus on deep tech, as-a-service-tools in the fields of B2B, health tech and IT. Ideally you´re at least a team of two with at least one of you having strong programming skills.

We provide money (25k-50k EUR), office space and services. Get more information in the FAQ section.

If that sounds interesting to you, please apply HERE (via f6s).


WestTech Ventures is a technology-oriented early-stage investor based in Berlin. Whether still in the pre-seed phase or already in the growth stage, numerous start-ups have found success and flourished with the help of WestTech Ventures.



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